Archived - 10 Mbps LAN Waveform

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These are the LAN waveforms I captured using TPS2024 Isolated Channel Oscilloscope from Tektronix

The Instruments used:

Ethernet Signal: 10 Mbps

Oscilloscope used: TPS2024,,3M-17750-INTRO_EN,00.html

Probes used: P2220 (probe setails below:)


Offerings provide the capabilities of both the 1X and 10X in a compact probe. (However, this type of probe suffers from higher loading factors to the "DUT".)

Trial 1:

Setup 1:

Waveforms captured using setup 1 :

Trial 2:

Setup 2:

Waveforms captured using setup 2 :

Trial 3:

Setup 3:

This is what the waveform should ideally look like according to Official IEEE ANSI-IEEE Std 1802.3d-1993 test procedure:

Click on the image below to know how I forced my network card to operate in 10 Mbps mode only: