Professional Objective:To pursue a highly challenging career in the field of Mission Critical Embedded Systems Development (Hardware & Software) with focus on both development of new products and imparting training to the next breed of engineers.

I would like to focus on Alternative Fuel Power Stations, Industrial Robots, Earth Movers, Construction Machines, Rapid Transit Systems & Aircrafts.

Summary of Skills:

  1. Systems Architecting: 13 years experience of conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, testing and commissioning small scale as well as complex embedded systems - Standalone Products as well as components for System Integration.

  2. Microcontrollers / Platforms : 8051 / AVR / M16C / Cortex M4 / ARM7 / ARM9 / Linux Kernel

  3. Hardware Design (PCB) : Logged more than 1500 hours+

  4. IoT/Software Development: Proficient in use of C/C++ language for developing embedded systems as well as Linux user space applications & kernel modules. Proficient in shell scripting, cross compiling and porting packages.

  5. Business Processes: Sales and Marketing strategy, Day to day finances of a company, Social media strategy, Web development, Shopping cart and Payment gateway integration, process design and automation.

  6. Miscellaneous: Working knowledge of HTML/PHP/SQL and Perl/Python. Efficient in documentation and technical writing. Aware of coding guidelines and process improvement methodologies. Expert user of hardware T & M tools. Expert in hand assembly of circuit boards. Comfortable working on Linux. Excellent written communication skills

Protocols/Technologies/Tools I have worked on/with:

    • I2C, SPI, RS232, RS485, CAN, ModBus, HART

    • 8051, AVR, PIC, MSP430, M16C, ARM7

    • XBee Drop-in Modules, GSM/EDGE Modems, NMEA GPS Drop-in Modules

    • Eagle, PADS Layout, OrCAD, CAM350, FAB3000

    • uVision4, Renesas High-performance Embedded Workshop, Eclipse, AVR Studio, SDCC, GCC, Android SDK & NDK, Source Insight

    • Doxygen

  • Microsoft Visio, Inkscape, GIMP, Microsoft Office Suite, Prezi

    • Desktop CNC Machines


    • I am an avid photographer and love going on adventure trips.

    • I collect a lot of things.

    • I like traveling - whether it is public transport (Metro Train/Bus) or flying to a new country or even cycling around the neighborhood - good music and good company always enhances the fun.

    • I think trekking is one of the best adventures which one should experience repeatedly (with friends/family) throughout life.

    • I am also an Amateur Radio Operator. My callsign is VU2AXC.

Further Details:

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