About Me

Personal Stuff:
Hi, I am Anurag (aka The Lithiumhead) and I am from India. I currently live in Pune with my wife. On most weekends, I travel to Mumbai to be with my family (mom, dad, grandma, brother).

Besides being a tech geek (think a room full of gadgets and circuits boards, think characters from The Big Bang Theory), I have numerous other interests: collecting stuff (who doesn't), going on adventure trips, photography (especially of insects and Mumbai!). I enjoy most kinds of music (Savage Garden, POTF, The Corrs, Linkin' Park, Indian Ocean) but suspect that I am constitutionally incapable of dancing, although I am sure my friends wife will help me get over that someday soon!

I have this innate thirst to explore and learn about things around me - as a result of which I become a jack of many trades and master of a select few. According to my friends, even though I may not have answer to all the questions, I do end up coming up with solutions to most problems! (True Jugaadu at heart). I like reading books, I have quite a few of them (list here - The Fountainhead, H2G2 & JPod are my all time favourites!).
I like making stuff (circuits, art, websites, blah..). The adventures we have while making (or trying to make) things are the stories worth telling - stories which define us as an individual. I love to tell these and hear similar ones from others. (so of them are here on my blog!)

I swear by my friends - they are the life and soul of, well, life itself!
I truly believe that we all lend meaning to each other lives: the experiences I have had so far, the people I have come across, the books I have read, my friends and my family have only strengthened my belief is this - "you are, therefore I am". Earth is a living planet and we all have our parts to play. Forget about fate. Forget about destiny. When we leave the stage, all that would matter is the feeling inside of you that would say "part well played!".

The "lithium" in my screen name refers to the highly reactive nature of the element Lithium. I have been told my imagination is as hyperactive as the element is reactive. At the time of choosing my screen name, I wasn't aware of the drug, the song or the battery chemistry by the same name.

I have Renal agenesis - I was born with only one kidney (the only one is on the left side).
I found this out when I was 26. It has been a source of surprise and amusement among my friends and family ever since. About 1 in 750 people are born this way and have zero point zero health complications arising from this. Totally no extra care is needed for such a condition.

I am an avid runner. My current race tally can be found here.

I am also an Amateur Radio Operator. My Callsign is VU2AXC

Paragliding is another of my hobbies and I am a club pilot attached to Temple Pilots