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StatusDescriptionWhen?Where?With whom?How?
StatusDescriptionWhen?Where?With whom?How?
 Work for an aircraft/earth mover/train manufacturer (Boeing/Caterpillar) on designing Mission Critical system component     
 Be a speaker at Embedded Systems Conference anywhere in the world     
 Learn a rare language (Lojban?) with wife and kids     
 Visit Bora Bora Sea Restaurant     
 Visit Easter Islands     
 Own a Mini Cooper     
 Sky Dive     
 52 Love notes   Future biwi like this: 
 Machu Picchu, Peru     
 Facebook reciprocal DPs   Future biwi Camera on self timer 
 Visit Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand   Future Biwi  
 Northern Lights   Future biwi  
 Scuba Dive at a good site full of weird creatures (Great Barrier Reef?)     
 Pangong Tso Lake,Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir     
 White Pod  Geneva, Switzerland 
 Get couples traditional costumes from all states of India and wear them to family functions one by one and take photos   Future biwi  
 Run together as elite runners with Biwi at Mumbai Marathon (hand in hand)   Future biwi Prepare! and Inspire other couples! 
 Reproduce "Proyecto Connection: En el cielo" by Laurita Mazapan on your own bodies   Future biwi 
 Drive the largest truck on Earth (Caterpillar 797F) 
 Stereo Hearts     
 Take part in Robocon June 26, 2004 Nirma Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad Sachitanand, Shauvik, Gautam, Saurabh G etc. (VESIT Team) Won Locals in 2004. Took part again in 2005, 2006 and 2007 
 Visit Marble ka Pahad May 29, 2012 Bheraghaat, Jabalpur, India Ankit, Nehal, Nupur, Deeksha, Aastha During Sonal Sinha's shaadi 
 Watch 9 Parts of Desire January 10, 2014 Prithvi Theatre Zenia Irani Review: 
 Surprise all my friends - genuinely January 22, 2012 Mumbai / Pune ... over Phone All my close friends Called one each everyday and told them how I just found out that I had only one kidney! 
 Work for Larsen & Toubro July 6, 2006 EmSyS, Gate 5, Powai, Mumbai Shweta, Kalpesh, Himani, Jithin... First job, got selected via campus interview 
 Setup own personal website and dedicate a page to close friends! June 7, 2010 Mumbai  Google sites 
 First Half Marathon August 26, 2012 Hyderabad, India Akshay Philar 2 hrs 41 mins 
 First Full Marathon January 20, 2013 SCMM 2013 Upasna waiting at finish line 6 hrs 50 mins. With no practise during the preceeding 1.5 months 
 Own Calvin and Hobbes complete collection January 16, 2010 Mumbai Sneha gifted me on my birthday  
 Become a HAM Radio Operator October 8, 2004 Mumbai Mumbai Amateur Radio Society Call sign: VU2AXC 
 Russell Peter's concert October 27, 2008 Mumbai Anuj, Nupur  
 Compile Linux Kernel for an embedded target and run it successfully September 27, 2012 Greenvity Communications, Pune  for i.MX233 using LTIB from Freescale 
 Old Mumbai Bicycling Tour May 6, 2012 Old Mumbai Nehal Vora Woodside Inn 
 Poets of the Fall Concert August 26, 2012 Hyderabad, India Anuj, Akshay Philar, Azhar Islam After Marathon 
 Become neighbors with my sister Aastha December 15, 2012 Latitude Pune Aastha/Sapan and even Shweta/Kalpesh All bought flats in same building. Pact made with Aastha in 12th std. fulfilled. 
 Write a firmware updater for a microcontroller September 16, 2011 TCS  For M16C over UART 
 Watch Class of '84 November 13, 2012 Sophia Auditorium, Mumbai, India Upasna  
 Drive down East Coast Road July 10, 2012 Chennai>Mahabalipuram>Pondicherry Nirbhay Namrata, Nehal, Nupur, Pratisht, Ruchir Deeksha's Shaadi. ECR was bekar! Road to Kashid beach was better 
 Publish a text book May 22, 2012 Mumbai / Delhi Dhananjay Gadre The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems using Assembly and C ( 
 Own/rent a house and have friends and family visit you December 22, 2010 B1-8, Hermes Heritage, Pune Started with Shweta/Kalpesh, Papa/Anuj, Upasna, Vimal, Mithil etc etc. When I shifted to Pune for new job at TCS 
 Explore and take Pictures of South Mumbai November 17, 2010 Around colaba causeway, Sophia college AVID Photography Course (with Danny Fontaine) participants  15-20 November 2010 
 First Hospital Experience June 21, 2012 Poona Hospital, Pune Dr Dinesh Jain, Mummy Dadima  
 First Road Trip August 26, 2012 Pune to Hyderabad Akshay Philar, Anuj Chugh. Jalkot. Set up. Got mobbed. NDE. 
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